World Spanking

Sometimes I perceive people saying, ” the Americans (or other nation, group, people) are getting what they deserve for being greedy (bossy, nosy, wicked…).  Some perceive God’s wrath is upon us in the earthquakes and storms as well as uprisings.  This universal spanking can be viewed a few ways:  1) We are being punished and should fear the coming doom, 2) We have an opportunity to make amends and prepare for the difficult future, 3) the experiences today are lessons we can easily learn and choose to see the good in every day life.

I’ve been watching the news and the weather.  I believe the turmoil that exists around us is a transformation in the evolution of humanity.  Human kind has a crucial choice to embrace freedom or stay stagnant in a cycle of fear and violence.  Remember that love casts out fear (KJV 1John 4:18).  As individuals and families we can send love out into the world starting with our thoughts followed by our deeds. 

1.  Practice Forgiveness of yourself and others.

2.   Think loving thoughts several times per day.

3.  Express love each day.

4.  Do kind deeds each day.

I am watching the world, I am listening to the sirens, horns honking and storms, and I am choosing to take the opportunity to cast fear out of my heart and mind and love today (right after I get over being upset about gas prices, food prices, the car is in the shop, child is sick, found a medical bill in clutter pile a few months old, nobody likes dinner I spent time making… forgive, think positive, hug family, volunteer to help someone in need–breathe).


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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