The Depths

The wild ride that is spring often brings cloudy days.  For anyone who has ever been diagnosed with any type of depression knows that this can be a difficult time of year.  Our survival often seems threatened by dim thoughts and fatigue like a great weight pressing one down.  This is an especially difficult time to parent in a healthy way, especially when the offspring have these symptoms, too.

As a young adult I often felt I had been thrown into a dark pit with a heavy lead blanket placed on my body, my blood flowing thick and slow like mud.  I would endlessly seek the light and try and climb out of the pit.  Sometimes others would come along and help.  Sometimes it seemed as if I reached the top and would be shoved back down to the bottom. 

Despair leads nurturers to endangerment status, ceasing to nurture.  Hope is the rope that lifts us up or at least holds us steady.  Working towards the light seems overwhelming, yet it is possible if nurturers who experience the depths  focus on one step at a time.

1.  Talk to a professional–your family doctor is a place to begin. 

2.  Learn and Study all you can about how to be healthy.

3.  Find treatment that is best for you.  Stick with it.

I call SADD the Depths or the big D because I believe that the term depression doesn’t accuratly describe what each individual goes through.  I rarely feel sadness, but the other symptoms interfered with my quality of life.  If a nurturer has offspring with the Depths and they have got there own under control it will be easier to help guide the offspring.  Remember no two persons Depths has the same symptoms or the same treatment.  Treat your discovery as a Science Experiment with you as the subject and keep a journal. 

May your journey out to the Depths and into the light be short and healing.  God bless.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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