The Grump Whisperer

About a week ago I noticed I felt a lot more tired.  After a few days it seemed this was not something in my body or the depths sneaking in as it often does this time of year (see previous post for definition of the depths).  Perhaps some global or atmospheric condition exists that is causing this lack of sleep and its resulting grumpiness, perhaps even the shifts in the earth that have caused the earthquakes and tsunami’s as well as spring storms and flooding.  My mate and two of my offspring seemed to be sluggish and a bit grumpier than usual so I know this is not just me.  On one particular day I had one thing after another and dealing with grumpy people was not on my list especially when I felt a bit out of sorts myself.  I was roughly tutoring my youngest–the non-grump–when he almost burst into tears because I had informed him of a whole page of corrections.  I asked, “Do you want me to help you or not?”  His reply, “Yes, but I need you to speak softly and comfort me…” 

Now I am on a quest to speak softly and be comforting in my nurturing responsibities in order to become a Grump Whisperer.  What I’ve learned so far that works:

1.  When waking offspring speak gently.  Speak gently and calmly all morning. 

2.  If I wish everyone a good day but they can’t see the good in the day I may be wasting my breath.  I’m going to try saying something appreciative at least once a week as well as simply saying,”hello,”  “good-bye” and “I love you.”  Experiment!!

3.  The conversations I have in my mind that are loud, defensive, or negative in any way can be changed to soft and comforting.  By practicing in my thoughts I am more likely to let out calm and comforting words and actions.

Becoming a Grump Whisperer may definitly be a top tool of nurturing thrival.  I’ll let you know.


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