They are everywhere those harbingers of spring willing the last snows to melt as they hunt for worms.  I see them in couples or singles crossing my path everywhere I go.  They sing the clouds to part letting the glorious sun rays penetrate the gloom.  The light lifts the heaviness from my spirit and I feel a freedom on the wind. Yet my mind wanders to the devastation and violence around the world.  What can I do? Are my constant prayers and meager donations enough?

In our global economy many of our countrymen and their families live overseas.  Some are being evacuated from the middle east or Japan.  Some of our countryman have lost their homes in the floods that afflict many parts of this country.  Some are in danger of losing homes and livlihoods in fires in the southwest. 

Are we prepared?  Could our family evacuate quickly? What would I do if all my belongings were destroyed?  We each have a choice in how we interpret the “robins” or messengers.  I am choosing to have an emergency 72 hour kit for each of our family members as well as food and water storage, first aid supplies and other items that might help in an emergency.  I choose to accept what comes our way, overcome my fears by loving, and I choose to hope and believe all my experiences are for my good, even if I don’t recognize it.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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