Awake to the twitterpated

Ahhh! The trees have awakened.  They have stretched their limbs high and roots deep soaking in substantial amounts of water and sun.  What do they do with all the nutrients they are taking in?  They send all that energy to their buds–their offspring.  Soon the buds will flower, leaf, and drop seeds into the wind like they have done for millenia.

Nurturers can also rejuvenate after semi-hibernation (see earlier blog on semi-hibernation), soaking energy into our roots and limbs from the vibrance of spring and sending it to our buds.  Offspring benefit greatly from our renewing ourselves.  We nurturers are better able to deal with the challenges that face us as we care for those we love.

One such challenge is the notions of offspring, especially this time of year, to seek out romantic companionship.  Unlike Bambi and his friends, it is unhealthy for offspring under 18 to be seeking this kind of relationship.  I have heard some adults talking about how cute their kindergartener is about a crush.  I’ve observed grand parents teasing pre-teen offspring about why they don’t have a girl/boy friend yet.  It is not healthy to encourage romantic relationships for offspring until they have graduated from high school.  They should be encouraged to have friendships from which they can learn how to have healthy long term relationships.

I would like to refer you to a wonderful book by marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor Jeanette G. Smith.  She is also a parent and has been married for many years so she speaks from personal as well as professional experience.  This book completely changed my mind about teenage dating;  teaching young ones as well as teens that friendship is the main relationship outside of family relationships to focus on during their youth.  

The book:  Usteady by Jeanette G. Smith.  ISBN-13:  978-1-59811-545-1.  ISBN-10: 1-59811-545-6.  Website:  You should be able to order from Amazon or Deseret Book.  This has a Christian perspective, particularly mormon but it mostly has the science and health perspective and can help any parent of any faith with teaching their children about healthy relationships.


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