In the grocery store waiting for a prescription for my offspring, I stopped in the book and magazine aisle to see if any books might be of interest for the ill one.  I found a title with an economical price and began to peruse its pages to glean the gist of its content.  This was another end-of-the-world-after-cataclysmic-events type of book.  It looked well written and didn’t contain offensive material.  My problem was that my offspring has read many of these types of books lately and I didn’t think she needed another one.   Finding reading material or viewing material that is uplifting or a reflection of our everyday reality seems difficult and leaves me restless.  Restless is how I would describe this whole month. 

March with its green temptations leaves many nurturers feeling restless.  I hear comments frequently from caregivers and parents about the challenges they face this month.  Money being green temptation number one.  Nurturers feel they are lacking and therefore must adapt by seeking monetary compensation above what they have.  This may or may not create consequences that are unfavorable for the greatest good of the family unit.  Perhaps we need to see more rainbows in our lives and enjoy the pot of gold at the end.  Rainbows may include:

1.  Family smiles, giggles, accomplishments, and love.

2.  The crocuses peeking through the frozen soil.

3.  The sun peaking through the clouds.

4.  Humor

5.  Those we nurture eating their vegetables.

Yes I said it: that miraculous moment when the offspring or parent or spouse eat the carefully prepared nutrient rich vegetables that the nurturer has spent so much care in preparing.  I have read so many articles on how to get children to eat their vegetables.  Some suggestions work for a while others never work at all.  I know others who care for elderly parents have similar issues.  In discussing this issue some nurturers state they have given up and given in.  Other nurturers try to find one or two items that family members will eat and they prepare them often.  Whatever you decide I hope you will try to look at the thrival of those you nurture.  What brings peace to our restless experiences?

May you each thrive in your green choices and I hope that April is more peaceful than March.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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