In our front tree we have three wind chimes, the fairy chimes.  They each have a word carved on the center:  Imagine, Dream, and Believe.  They have survived another winter. 

We put them up several years ago to attract fairies to our garden.  Under the tree we built a house of sticks and rocks, it did not survive the summer.  Each summer the attempt is made to rebuild some type of abode–we are always remaking the fairy house.

The fairy house is symbolic of our imaginings, dreams, and beliefs.  As nurturers what we imagine, what we dream, and what we believe are significant to thrival.

1.  Imagine:  Visualizing what you want to accomplish provides positive motivation in achieving goals.  Example:  I imagine myself getting out of bed in the morning and being cheerful.

2.  Dream:  Having dreams helps reduce stress and guides our life in joyful directions.  Example:  My dream of handling grumpy offspring and others calmly motivates my work.

3. Believe:  When we have something or someone to believe in our positive emotions feed our brain chemistry in positive ways.  Example:  I believe I can be a loving nurturer today even though the ones I nurture are grumpy.

May each of you be blessed with healthy imagination, wondrous dreams, and beautiful beliefs.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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