Puddle Jumping

In my book My Life as an Endangered Species I write, “Puddle jumping requires two styles:  Jumping over or jumping in… Some jumps are graceful, delicate, while others are monstrous and clumsy.  Do you soar with soul?  Puddle jumping approaches may reflect how a nurturer and offspring approach other projects in life.  Nurturers who soar with soul, whether graceful or monstrous, find more joy than those who are uptight in their approach to tasks.”

Cleaning toilets seems to be the grossest weekly job a nurturer must do ( I know that diarrhea diapers and vomit infused carpet are worse but they are not long-term tasks for most nurturers).  My approach to this job changed from skirting around the task filled with repulsion and tension to jumping over the task with soul after I cleaned the toilets at a house of worship.  I felt joy in the task–cleaning God’s toilets.  I began to see the task as sacred. Why would cleaning my home toilets be any different?  Our homes are havens from the world and the bathrooms are an important part of that haven.

May you each embrace puddle jumping with soul and thrive as you learn to find joy in all your tasks.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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