While walking this morning I passed city workers patching up the road with shovel fulls of asphalt.  As soon as the ice melts the gaping holes along the road become such a hazard.  Some of our crumbling streets are so bumpy you must slow to about ten miles per hour to safely navigate.  unfortunately the patches don’t make the roads much better, especially when they have patches on top of patches.

Likewise the offspring’s clothing seems to show wear and tear this time of year.  I stitch up holes and patch rips and tears.  I know I will soon have to budget for a replacement but for now it will do.

Like roads and children’s clothes our lives have a few potholes, rips and tears we need to patch up to keep going.  We nurturers must work on our own health issues holes or relationship potholes in order to survive the daily stresses of life.  We can mend our mental rips by finding healthy thoughts to replace the negative.  I find that repeating positive affirmations is very useful not just for my sanity survival but my whole being thrival.  Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Life is a great tool in learning positive affirmations for specific rips and tears. 

May you find the tools you need for your nurturing thrival.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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