Mud Maintenance

“Many nurturers, particularly mothers, seem to have a genetic aversion to wet soil as soon as they reach adulthood” (from my upcoming book My Life as an Endangered Species).

Nurturers feel the need to banish mud from vision and often associate the amount or absence of dirt with their identity.  I have to admit I’ve let my perspective of my home’s cleanliness affect my self-esteem.  I have observed other nurturers who have varying perspectives on mud maintenance and their identities.  Nurturers may be dirt abolishers, preventative analitist, tolerators, or moderationists.

Abolishers:  The high-tech cleaners declaring war on perceived uncleanliness.  Anxious and self-deprecating about how they see themselves, offspring, or possessions.

Preventative analitists: uptight about mud maintenance, often using obsessive means to obtain their perspective of clean.

Tolerators: An unhealthy perspective of tolerating dirt, filth, and clutter.

Moderationists:  A healthy perspective of balance between abolisher, analitist, and tolerator tactics.  Embracing the natural world including dirt, moderationists respect soil and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors inside.  Their mud maintenance incorporates natural cleansing without anxiety.

I have been a bit of an abolisher and analitist in the past.  I’m focused more on being a moderationist.  I have always loved the outdoors and gardening.  Besides I have a strong belief in the saying, “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.”  I know exceptions exist, but generally I have learned to overcome anxiety about dirt.  I didn’t even sweep the whole kitchen floor today, just the big crumbs. 

I find in order to thrive as a nurturer I had to find balance in my mud maintenance tactics–stress less about the dirt.  Next  blog I plan to cover some cleansing and spring cleaning tips I use or have observed of others.  Enjoy your day in a thrival way!


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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