Spring is filled with contradiction like today’s snow.  Spring is known for being a time of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection; it is also a time of horrific storms.  Calm to calamity is part of spring where floods, fires, tornadoes, thunderstorms, high winds, and snow combine to create some very deadly and destructive forces in our lives. 

Although April showers bring May flowers we would like our houses to stay intact without destruction.  For bountiful harvests and continued variety of foods we would not like others to lose their lives.  However, these storms are necessary for growth, for new life.

As nurturers we have many events in our lives where we experience the storms and the growth that comes from them.  For example teenage driving.  We dread the day the offspring drive off on their own even if it’s just across town or to the store nearby.  As parents we dread the potential for accidents; however, offspring experiences with driving grow confidence and nurture independence–essential ingredients for successful adults. 

Letting go begins when our little ones let go of our fingers and begin walking without our help.  Then comes bike riding and going to school.  Soon they are riding greater distances and staying longer hours away from us.  Then comes the learner’s permit, which is like holding little fingers or running along side to catch the wobbling bike.  Then they get their license and off they go.  I require lots of meditation to overcome my anxiety, how do you deal with this experience?  Soon he will leave home.  Soon she will have her own home and family.  Then one day he will be my caregiver and as I let go of my independence he will have to let go of me. 

We thrive when we let our babies cry and comfort themselves, when we let the toddler fall and pick herself up, when we let him go to school and do things by himself.  We thrive when we give him the keys to his future and let go a little each time.  We thrive when we observe offspring pick up nurturing skills of thrival and pass those on to their offspring.  So bring on the snow today.  I pray for all those afflicted by the storms.  Come fall I will have carrots, tomatoes, and abundance of blossoms and I will let go of the keys for one and cut the strings a little more for  the others.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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