Nooks and Crannies

“Cleansing is a part of the rebirth process enhancing ones ability to nurture others.” 

In my book My Life as an Endangered Species, I document the various stages of deep cleaning we nurturers go through as a part of Spring Cleaning.  Begin with inner cleansing as in colon and liver.  You can find kits online or in health food stores.  I kind of make-up my own so I don’t get so sick.  The inner fauna don’t like giving up their colony domain.  They prefer to torture me into submission so I’ll down a bunch of simple carbs and give up their eviction.  I’m too stubborn.  As much as I enjoy wildlife, my insides are not a national park.

Deep cleaning our habitats is another part of the Spring Cleaning process many nurturers engage in this type of year.  I’m putting it off until summer.  My offspring are old enough to help and they need work experience to enhance their lives; so they get chores every morning Monday through Friday and they can’t go play until their assignment is done.  We can get through a couple of rooms a week.  When they were little it would take me a week to get through a room.  I would start in the bedrooms with the closets and move systematically through the house:  cleaning closets top to bottom, drawers, under beds….  Sometime I didn’t finish Spring Cleaning until November.  It’s okay. 

I love to make sure everything has a place.  Even clutter needs to be organized somewhere.  I have observed that one person’s organization is another’s clutter.  We each have our own system of finding stuff.  If you have areas of your habitat that start to look like the houses on the television shows about hoarding you’re in trouble.  Ask yourself, “Is this for my healthiest best self?” 

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak.”  Hans Hoffman

Thriving as a nurturer depends on how we approach our cleansing and organizing.  We thrive when we embrace our daily lives with enthusiasm, finding joy in the little things. 

During this Easter season I am reminded of my belief in Jesus Christ.  By practicing my faith I have a firm foundation that helps me endure against the many challenges in life.  I find that eliminating distractions that interfere with this faith practice help me to find joy even when my head is pounding, back aching, feet tired, bone weary… I endure and I thrive.  Delusional perspective? Maybe but for me peace is thrival.  I don’t want to just survive this life experience; I truly whole heartedly want to thrive despite all the minute and major challenges.

I wish each of you the best in your quest to survive. 

Websites for inner cleansing products:,  , .


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