In the Darkness

This morning the news was grimmer than usual and yet, though I sorrow for the great losses of people, property and freedoms, I also feel disconnected.  All these lives lost and I am feeling rather weak-minded wrestling with myself most of the night over whether I was being overprotective or not towards my eldest offspring who wants to drive solo (he’s had his license for weeks) but we’re not sure he’s ready.  This is an extremely responsible and conscientious kid.  Despite his challenges he has a positive outlook for the most part and he’s an intelligent, kind person. 

Our problem is that he’s our first in this crazy fast-moving world and he’s very quiet, not exactly shy, more socially challenged.  We know that accidents occur very easily.  We can’t afford an accident  financially but more important emotionally.  He is very precious to us.  I know we will get over this and learn our nurturing lessons applying them to the other offspring. 

The real issue for me is something very deep–the depths (see  The physiological challenges of dealing with the depths and still remain nurturing has frequently been a threat to my survival.  I question my reasoning on many occasions.  However, I have found a way to thrive despite the challenges of caring for others and dealing with the depths and its cousin, anxiety. 

1.  Accept myself.  I focus on the good things I have accomplished.  Sometimes I have to say positive affirmations until I feel acceptable–this has taken me years.

2.  I remind myself that I am a child of God.  I have divine spirit “DNA”.  I can endure whatever the day brings me.

3.  I practice mindfulness.  Focus on one thing for several minutes.  I usually focus on my breathing or something in nature.

4.  I express gratitude.  I find a way to rephrase frustrations or negative comments into a gratitude phrase:  “I am frustrated at my lack of sleep,” becomes, “I am grateful for the three hours of sleep I did get.”

May you thrive today and find a way out of your anxieties and depths.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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