In the garden pulling out the grass that  has crept through all barriers and other varieties of weeds, I began thinking about the pros and cons of weeds.  Many of these weeds are medicinal like dandelions, or benign greenery gone wild.  Yet if we allow even the good weeds to grow where we want vegetables or flowers they will limit the survival of the desired vegetable or flowers. 

In our lives we have an abundance of choices between good things.  We can become distracted from the most important tasks and relationships by the weeds in our life.  Media, extra activities, even service opportunities can choke our ability to thrive.  Nurturers best thrive when all activities are carefully considered.  Teaching our offspring to consider their activities also is a must.  Saying no is just like pulling those pretty, nutritious dandelions out of the garden patch, leaving your labors to produce a bountiful harvest.

May you all weed your lives carefully and thrive in the most abundant ways.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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