Ten Free or low cost things to do Memorial Weekend

1.  Sleep

2.  Plant some flowers in your yard.

3.  Plant flowers for someone else like a neighbor or a friend, someone who has been out of work, has physical challenges, or is super busy.

4.  Teach your kids the finer points of eating a hotdog.

5.  Go to the park.  Pitch a tent in the back yard (weather permitting).

6.  If raining, go to the movies or rent a movie.

7.  Let your offspring have play dates with friends.

8.  Visit or call extended family.

9.  Read a book outside or inside or both.

10.  Have a squirt gun fight if it’s warm enough, or a snow ball fight if it is not (snowballs can be made out of old holey socks rolled into a ball).

Having fun is important for our thrival.  Enjoy!!


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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