Nurturing Fathers

I just read another article about the absent father.  I am afraid I have little observations on that.  I have observed single fathers who make sacrifices to be a part of their offsprings lives.  I’ve observed fathers in the home that seem a bit absent–they feel they are being good fathers by working the long hours.  I don’t think fathers have been given enough credit.  I’m not sure if fathers consider themselves nurturers.

In a school packet I found this great pro-dad info put together by Michigan Fatherhood Coalition (  My mate may not read the info but I can encourage healthier relationships between father and offspring.  Respecting the time they have together is essential to thrival (see previous posts).

My dad wasn’t always there but he was around.  He occasionally helped me with math and the camping trips were always memorable.  I have fond memories of both of my grandfathers and my father-in-law, my second dad.  The value each of these men has added to my life is immeasurable.  I also have brothers and brother-in-laws who are active fathers.  I have observed fathers caring for offspring of all ages, caring for elderly parents, caring for handicapped loved ones, or caring for sick spouse.  Men are capable of great nurturing if we as a society will allow them to fulfill this sacred role. 

A few resources for Fathers:

May you each enjoy the fathers in your life and thrive in your nurturing.


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