Mom camp 3–To do’s for Teens

Keeping teens engaged in healthy activities during the summer is a challenge.  We want them to make good choices and learn to be independent.  Info from my observations and experience inspires the following suggestions.

1.  Help them find a job.  If not a paying job, find volunteer work that will give them job experience.

2.  Insist on education retention by not allowing privileges until they have completed their learning work.  This includes reading and math skills.  Preparing for ACT or SAT’s.

3.  Planning times when friends can hang out- providing food.

4.  Assign extra chores beyond cleaning their room like doing their own laundry and don’t back down and do the tasks for them.

5. Let them plan or assist in planning family outings or vacations.

Thrival is enjoying your teen while cutting some of those apron strings.


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