Pee My Pants

I had a lot of accidents when I was a kid.  Bladder problem.  Learned to strengthen the muscles.  During my first pregnancy the pee problem was frequency but I made it, most of the time.  During the years I was dealing with the kids pee issues I almost forgot to work on my own- you know the Kegals and such.  Now it’s back to my issues again but mostly only with sneezing, violent coughing, or laughing hard.

We played a board game the other night and I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe but no pee.  Yea for Kegal exercises.  Then I read the blog of Leigh Ann Jashaway at  I almost peed. 

Sometimes life is too serious and we need some pee-in-the-pants laughter.  It’s a good reminder to do the exercises.

May you thrive today while finding a little pee-in-your-pants laughter.

(PS:  Baking soda in the laundry takes care of any odors.)


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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  1. Glad you enjoyed my blog! And thanks so much for including me in yours!

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