Do Parents ever get a Day Off?

Most parents and caregivers would like a day off.  No needs to fulfill but their own.  Not going to happen. 

For me Sundays are the next best thing.  For religious reasons I choose to make Sunday a sabbath day of rest.  I don’t get out of all my labors but the day is set apart. 

1.  Food preparation is simple, mostly self-serve.

2.  After church service and any other serving of the poor, sick, or needy we try to avoid making any plans: no recreational activities, no taking kids everywhere.  This doesn’t always work but we try.

3.  Everyone in the family has quiet time.  The phone is turned off.

4.  We have family time playing games, shooting hoops in the backyard, reading good books, watching movies.

The children’s friends are welcome to join us but we rarely let the children go to their friends.  It creates less stress and provides my spouse and I with a little time off from the everyday. Our thrival depends on us taking this day off to create peace in our lives.

May you thrive as you create your own day off.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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