Sleep Deprived? Stressed Out? Thriving through the challenges of nurturing

It may not seem like you’ll ever reach the light at the end of the tunnel but others have found their way before you.  We can follow the path of the nurturer survivors, improve upon their tactics, and learn to thrive even in the most difficult of times.

Many nurturers face a world of stresses every day: Sleep deprivation, financial stresses, and everyday details top the list.  According to the Mayo clinic staff stress management begins with an honest assessment of how you cope with stress (

Here are a few thrival tactics to ease stress in your life.

1.  Music– music can ease tension and create harmony.  It can inspire exercise, accompany meditation, lull to sleep, soothe fatigued soul.

2.  Reading-a book, magazine, newspaper or other material can allow your mind to escape everyday trials.

3.  Exercise– get your heart pumping, focus on breathing, giving the mind fuel and the body energy.

4. Prayer–focusing on the things your grateful for, asking your higher power in gratitude for needs, conversing with heavenly parents about your day.

One day I was walking fast for exercise and pondering all the tasks I felt needed to be done.  In my mind I asked, “How can I do all this?”  A very quiet answer came back, “He is the way.”  I began to consider Jesus Christ’s characteristics: his calm demeanor, eternal patience, focus on a righteous purpose, having a purpose. 

May you all thrive in your purpose, in focusing on your nurturing purpose; may you thrive in your mortal patience, may you thrive as you develop a calm demeanor.


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