Back to School Thrival Guide

Top ten nurturer suggestions for thriving during the first weeks of school.

1.  Stock up on Vitamin C.  Although a good multi has some C, it is not enough to combat bombardment of undesirable flora and fauna. Eating fruit and taking a Vitamin C supplement are a must for offspring and nurturers to thrive in the new school year.

2. 1 hour a day–physical activity.  Children and Adults benefit from the national standards for physical activity of one hour per day at least six days a week.  Walking, biking, sports, dance, and any other type of activity improves health and brain function.

3. Energy Food–Fruits and veggies, whole grains, low-fat organic yogurt, sun butter and of course chocolate keep nurturers fueled for all the demands of daily life.

4.  Healthy sleep patterns.  Everyone needs at least eight hours of quality sleep.  Few of us get it.  Plan a bedtime routine that includes de-stressers like music or reading to help every one unwind.

5.  Feed your Spirit.  Keep a journal, read inspirational material, meditate, pray, positive affirmations or whatever it takes to feed your soul.

6.  Family Time.  Support each other, turn the phone off during family time, game night.

7.  Be Still.  Take time everyday to listen, focus on breathing, to just be still.

8.  Stick to your budget.  Live within your means.  Less stress takes you beyond survival mode to thrival mode.

9.  Realistic Involvement in your child’s life.  You don’t have to sign up for the PTA fundraiser, coach the sports team, or volunteer to make cupcakes to be involved.  Assess what you can contribute that will benefit your child and not take away from your family.  Sometimes the sacrifices are not worthwhile and sometimes they are.  Be wise.

10.  Connect.  Find a way to connect with loved ones or any one you nurture:  smile, touch, text, phone call, notes, hugs, kisses, high fives, reading together, play board game or card game, share a joke, listen.

May you thrive in all the possibilities of this nurturer new year.


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