Family Road trip to Wisconsin Dells

I highly recommend this area for a family vacation.  The best water park was Noah’s Ark, largest in the country with water slide rollercoasters that send you upside down and in loops.  They had something for everyone.  Mt. Olympus was ok with wooden roller coasters, several go-cart tracks, and a pool with nine foot high waves.  A boat ride up or down the dells was fun.  Water ski and other shows for evening entertainment along with restaurants and fun accommodations (We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which had a large indoor pool area with slides and an outdoor area–also a hot tub). has more details for your next family vacation.

We had planned down time for hanging out in the room. We listened to our special family mix CD and watched DVD’s on the drive.  Everyone had time to relax and enjoy.  To save moolah we always take snacks and lunch items to keep in cooler or fridge.  Packing a picnic and eating in the parking lot during lunch is a great way to save and eat healthier.

Have fun together!


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