Good, Bad, Ugly–Moments of Nurturing

All moments of our nurturing are a part of the process of life.  We can learn to enjoy the good, bad, and even ugly by:

1.  Seeing the Good in every situation even if it is childish.  Broke toe by dropping frying pan–someone else can do the dishes for a while.  Car totaled–you were curious about riding the bus anyway.

2. Focus on intention.  What is your purpose in the moment you perceive an experience as bad.  Your intention was tranquility but all the plans fell through–focus on being grateful for tranquility and watch it come to you naturally.

3.Care about moments.  Sometimes I feel like giving up on goals when they don’t seem to be turning out as expected.  I lose passion for the details like making fun dinners or sewing projects.  I try to find something to care about in the moments around me: the wind singing in the trees, a cricket chorus, children’s laughter, ice-cream for lunch.

May you thrive as you flow through the good, bad, and ugly moments in your life.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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