Speedy Breakfasts

Mornings are crazy no matter what you household or work environment.  Nurturers are looking for ways to get nutritious breakfasts into themselves and their brood.  Finding nutrient dense foods that fit a person’s needs may require thinking outside the box like having fish for breakfast.  Here’s some ideas I’ve found useful.

1.  Mix pancake, waffle, biscuit, scone dry ingredients leave on counter in sealed bowl the night before;  mix wet ingredients and put in fridge.  Mix in morning and bake/cook. 

2.  Bake muffins the day before and warm up.

3.  Make large batches of pancakes and waffles on weekends and put pancakes in fridge to be warmed in microwave, waffles in freezer to be toasted.

4.  Oatmeal, Rice, and other cooked cereals are fast and can be customized with fruit (fresh or dried), nuts, and other toppings.

5.   Mini bagels are a better serving size and go with fruit, fruit salad, or yogurt.

6.  Eggs- scrambled, hard boiled ahead of time, fried, or put in a tortilla or pita and eaten on the run.

7.  Cinnamon toast and fruit

8.  Smoothies and protein shakes

9.  Yogurt and fruit

10.  leftovers from dinner–sometimes I make waffles or pancakes.


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