Fall Salads-Potlucks, Dinners, and Funerals

Pumpkin stem

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Pumpkin Seed and Pear Herb Salad

                       mixed greens or packaged herb salad greens

                       handful of parsley, chopped

                      couple of fresh basil leaves, chopped finely

                      1 cup diced tomatoes

                       1-2 diced medium pears, dipped in lime juice

                       1 cup whole or course chopped pumpkin seeds

                       8 oz cubed mozzarella

Serve with Autumn vinaigrette:  Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 c, Olive Oil-1/4c, salt, pepper, dried garlic and onion to taste.

Michigan Salad

cuppa cherries 365 day251

Image by Ruth Flickr via Flickr

                       Mixed greens, dried cherries, chopped apple (dipped in lemon juice), walnut, and blue cheese, raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Wyoming Warm Harvest Salad

           chopped, shred, or sliced leftover beef, lamb, wild game, or other meat

           available greens

           sauté shredded carrots, thinly sliced onions and garlic

           fried diced potatoes

           Top with cheddar cheese and sun-dried tomato dressing, Apple cider vinaigrette, or mustard.


Tennessee Tease Salad

             red onion thinly sliced and halved

             chopped red cabbage; shred carrot and broccoli stem in food processor

             chopped pecans and coleslaw dressing or favorite vinaigrette

Arkansas Sassy Salad

Fried catfish

Image by Kent Wang via Flickr

          favorite lettuce greens mixed with sliced red onion, diced tomato, chopped boiled egg, and topped with fried catfish slices (or baked fish sticks), tartar sauce with cumin or Lemon vinaigrette with a pinch of cumin


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