No Time to Tinkle


For decades school administrators and teachers have developed strategies to keep children learning.  One such strategy is a structured school schedule.  Most middle and high school schedules allow five minutes for students to change classes.  These highly trained educators think it rather efficient for a student to leave class, go to their locker, get out their next couple of class book, go up a flight of stairs, down the hall, put the books in classroom (because its gross to take them into the bathroom and they’re not allowed to carry backpacks), take care of business, wash their hands, dash to the classroom, open up their learning materials ready for class all in FIVE minutes. 

The King of All Urinals

Image by Tobyotter via Flickr

Forget zipping pants, buckling belt, or heaven forbid a bowel movement over one minute.  These highly educated people FAIL to realize that students who do not want detention try not to drink as much water and hold it until lunch.  As a nurturing parent, I know this is very unhealthy.  The lack of time between classes discourages proper hydration, appropriate bathroom visits that accompany hydration, increases constipation and risk of UTI‘s.

Most medical professionals encourage drinking plenty of water and going to the bathroom when you need to go.  Holding the urine for too long can lead to urinary tract infections or an embarrassing situation.  Many students drink less as a solution which leaves them open to dehydration which directly affects their brain function and learning abilities.

It’s necessary to urinate when needed to filter waste taken from the blood and prevent built up toxins in the system.

Fingerprints on a glass of water made visible ...

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I have listened to other parents direct their offspring in scheduling bathroom visits; I do this myself.  The other option is to take it up with the school board.  In light of tiny budgets and high costs would they listen to extending the school day by approximately eighteen minutes?  Would the abuses of this time outweigh the benefits?  What do you think?

May your life flow with laughter and love.


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  2. Will you get mad if I quote your article on my Wiki Site? I think your writing would suit my readers perfectly. Uhmmm, thanks for posting this.

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