Run Katy Run

Seventh grader Katy (name changed) loves to run.  She’s on the school’s Cross Country team.  She’s the only girl.  The middle school and high school practice together so Katy has lots of running brothers–some are her blood brothers and yes she can beat her own brothers.  How does such a little thing run so fast?  Passion.  Eyes bright with eagerness, determined smile, and fearless movement set Katy apart from her fellow runners who wear seriousness and lots of training.  Katy runs along with the big guys who are twice her size, never flinching or faltering and grinning to the end.  Katy runs for the love of running!

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-71836-0001, Berliner Wal...

Everyone has their own motivation for doing things like work.  As nurturers we wear seriousness and training and forget, especially in our nurturing, to put on our passion face and nurture for the love of nurturing. Yes, passion for cleaning toilets, never-ending meals, endless dishes, and answering questions.  Passion for “read to me” even though we are dog tired.  Passion for the school projects and scout meetings.  Passion for the chatter and noise.

May you each wear your passion face and thrive.


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