Weather Channel Women

The great thing about the female climatologists on the Weather Channel is that they are real women.  They have real talent, real beauty and style, real curves–they are real women.  A few other news programs feature real women like Robin Meade, the perky morning show host on CNN’s morning express.  They don’t need to be stick thin so the cameras extra ten pounds makes them look slightly above anorexic. 

The Local Forecast opener from the "Weath...

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English: Robin Meade at Fort Benning Georgia. ...

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I admire these women for being successful, professional, and beautiful at normal size.  Yes I said it–normal.  Our daughters can take cues from these ladies instead of dwindling starlets and models that are smeared everywhere. 

 Look at Stephanie Abrams from the weather channel. She’s goofy but she gets the job done and makes all us goofy women feel just as professional being ourselves.  Our daughters have hope that they can be themselves and normal sized instead of spending their lives trying to live up to a fantasy.  

Thank you to these women for being real!

May you all thrive as you try to nurture your loved ones–keeping it real!


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2 Responses to Weather Channel Women

  1. Kristin says:

    I agree!! Real women can focus on helping others, not competing against the latest fads!

  2. Regards for this post, I am a big fan of this website would like to go along updated.

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