Taking the Chaos out of Christmas

Tis the season for mess and stress.  It’s enough to make any nurturer want to crawl in a hole with a heavy sedative leaving directions to be awakened in January.  I have learned from my experience and have observed other thriving nurturers practicing many ways to overcome this chaos.

Twelve Christmas Chaos Busters

1.  Chocolate!!!                         

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2.  If you can’t do it all then don’t.  It’s ok to not send cards and attend all the parties and take cookies to every neighbor on your block ( I did that one year, took me two months to bake enough–why?).

3.  Avoid the mall as much as possible (except maybe on Monday mornings).

4.  Eat lots of greens to support nervous system health.

5.  Herbal tea–especially Sleepytime Extra.

Hot Chocolate

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6.  Make time to sleep.

7.  Budget amount to give to the less fortunate–Salvation Army, Red Cross, Toys for Tots.

8.  Listen to your favorite music, read books, or sit quietly for at least thirty minutes a day.

9.  Pray for patience, unconditional love and great ideas to flow into your chaotic brain.

10. Dancing.  It goes great with chocolate and pajamas.

11.  Watch all the sappy Christmas movies you can.  See http://thecarolblog.com.

12.  Spend time with loved ones–best gift and it goes great with chocolate.

 Chocolate is a key to thrival baby!  May you all enjoy loved ones during this holiday season.


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