Zombie Nurturing

Owl Andeh

Owl Andeh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sleep deprived? Whether you were up with the baby, someone sick, or insomnia you may find yourself walking through your day like a zombie.  When my children were little I would wander around in a haze.  When they were consistently sleeping through the night I wondered why I was still not sleeping through the night.

I learned I’ve experienced various types of insomnia since childhood.  Since I have lived like a zombie for so long I have learned how to get through the day and get a few things done.

Here are five ways to live as a zombie:

1.  Water!  Cold splashes, drinking, showering (alternating hot and cold at end).

2.  Greens and Protein are essential for nerve health and brain function.

3.  Exercise.  A brisk walk, climbing up and down the stairs.  Something to get heart rate up 20-40 min a day.

4.  Take several five minute breaks to sit and watch life outside your door–no t.v.

5.  Give yourself 1-2 hours to settle down for sleep.  Put the world away.  No caffeine.  Try foods with tryptophan like strawberries or yogurt; reading, doing puzzles, and positive affirmations also help.

May you thrive as you go forward in your zombie nurturing.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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