Feeling Green?

The percussion instrument known as the Bódhran...

The percussion instrument known as the Bódhran, often used in Irish Traditional Music. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lean mean green March machine.  That just sounded fun to say.  March is about to evaporate but before it does nurturers would find they thrive better by cleansing themselves of the green temptations surrounding them.  You know, green as in money.  This time of year we dream of home improvements such as new windows or shrubs, personal improvements such as clothes or hairstyles, vacations and escapes including eating out and entertainment.  All come with a cost.

How do you overcome the temptations and thrive:

1.  Live within your means.  Stick to your budget.

2.  Be creative with purchases and entertainment by looking at recycling and repurposing (use the side-table in the bedroom in another room, make curtains out of old T-shirts, etc.).

3.  Use your library card!  Books on Interior decor, art, design, personal improvement and inspiration, and resources for improving finances.  Also vacation destinations.

4.  Watch or download programs for tips on free and inexpensive improvements you can do yourself.  Adding new shrubs this fall?  Prepare the bed now.  Painting indoors?  look for the best prices.

5.  Celebrate your life and all around you.  Listen to Irish music, barbecue even if it is snowing, and go for walks.

May you be blessed with wisdom and financial success.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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