Refreshing Spring

Whether you live in the Northwest with snow storms or in the Southeast with balmy days  or in the middle where your weather could be all of the above, spring has brought hope amidst a climate of disagreeable politics, injustices, and foul emotional environments.  How do we as nurturers rise above the thunderstorms that surround us?

I have recently read an incredible book by Dr. Melvin Fish, The Power of Unconditional Love.  Dr. Fish gives several examples how we can counter the foul environmental climate.

Well of Don Source of the Aberdeenshire River ...

Well of Don Source of the Aberdeenshire River Don. Water runs out of this spring, and is clean, clear and refreshing to drink. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.  Love Sandwiches: Envision person (family member, neighbor, other group of people) and say to the person(s) in your mind, “I love you.  Please forgive me for all I’ve said or done to hurt or offend you, and all I haven’t said or done to hurt or offend you.  I forgive you for all you’ve said or done, or haven’t said or done to hurt or offend me.  I love you.

2. Oh-ho-pono-pono: (To clear negative feelings or energy) I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.  ( I like aiming this one towards combatant newscasters.)

3.  Silent Blessings:  (Dr. Fish aimed this at his math students in his mind every day while looking at each student as they entered the classroom; he had miraculous results) “______, I love you.  I bless you with  a wonderful productive day full of love and success.”

May you each find refreshment in cleaning out your negative energies.


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