Peeling Off the Layers

Draining light from bones.

Soft, slow and whispered.

Creep about until you’re limp and cold.

Craving warmth, deep warmth.

Peel off the drowsy lids, pull up the shades.  Arise!

No drooping in despair or worry.

All flows forward, always forward:  feasting.

Hunger and thirst are silent signaling a purge;

Cleansing cell to cell in hopes of energy surge.

Cogs  are oiled and tuned.  “It’s Spring, ” the vessel sings, “It’s Spring.”

Power lines down bent and echoing Spring’s big changes, nature agrees as she flexes her might.  Melting and freezing, floods and fires, sunshine and storm hail the season.  This is the time of year to make big changes–resolutions and cleansing.

1.  Clean out the closets.

2. Clean out your body-detox and eat healthier.

3.  Start something new.

4.  Buy fresh undies and towels.

5.  Clear the cobwebs from your mind and seek wholeness, forgiveness, and soul soaring adventure.

Cobweb at Mount Madonna Center

Cobweb at Mount Madonna Center (Photo credit: gautamnguitar)

May you have all the time you need (in the next ten minutes) to put your feet up, drink a glass of water and renew before the tasks and schedules engulf you.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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2 Responses to Peeling Off the Layers

  1. rebecca marshall says:

    Love the blog! Didn’t see a “follow” button, though.

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