Depth Life #5 Den Duties

The basement floor door knob didn’t appear for weeks.  Cold virus went through the family and soon the days were lighter with Spring.  Outdoors beckoned us to come and play.  For me that meant gardening.  While I was in bed reading Kal came in, “Ann, the door is open and you have to come see.”  I put a sweatshirt on over my PJ’s and followed Kal who was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.  “What’s the hurry?”

“I don’t want it to disappear.”  We hurried into the laundry room closing the door behind us.  Kal had two flashlights by the cement opening.  He let me go down first. “Wait at the bottom by the den door.”  We called his door “the den”.  We entered the solid oak door at the base of the steps, the big screen was filled with a hockey game in play and the fire in the fire-place was low.  “What?”  I looked at Kal as he moved me to the couch and pulled out an Atlas book in the corner bookshelf between the fireplace and the big screen.  The shelves flipped around to reveal a snack bar.  A mini refrigerator below, cupboard with glasses, bowls, and plates above.  “We can stock this with drinks and snacks!  I won’t even have to go upstairs for a bowl of cereal.”  I laughed, “We have some cereal in the storage room.  Do you want me to run up and get it?”

“No.  Maybe tomorrow.”

“It might not be here tomorrow.”  Kal sat on the couch with me and watched the game while I watched him.  I then stared into the fire as I snuggled closer to Kal.  I wonder where the chimney goes? It doesn’t go out of our house.

A siren sound came from the screen showing a round golden circle logo with a C in the center, then the screen raised up and the wall opened.  Kal and I were on our feet.  Behind the wall sat a black sports car like something out of a spy movie.  We walked around the car.  The room was like a high-tech super hero cave.  A man appeared on the monitor near the left wall, “Agent M and J we have a mission for you.”


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One Response to Depth Life #5 Den Duties

  1. Mom says:

    You have my attention and what will follow next.

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