Depth Life #6 Den Duties (cont.)

“I don’t think so.  This is a mistake.”

“You use the room you accept the role.”

Kal put his hands up, “We didn’t see any contracts or warnings.”

“Ahhh, no.  Just me.  Now the Company needs you to retrieve Red.”

” How do we do that?” Kal asked.

“The car personal assistant mode will give you further instructions.  Good Luck.”  The man was gone but the C logo remained.

We got into the car.  We forgot we had on our PJ’s, but if this was a dream . . .  The personal assistant guided us out through the back wall onto some strange dirt road.  We drove into a city we didn’t know called Delta and up to a building with all glass walls.  The car shot us some clothes–all black and saucy, yet modest.  We had ear pieces that kept us in touch with each other and the car.  Before we knew it the car guided us to a red disc in a locked room, unlocked with something in Kal’s pocket. We matrixed through a few guards and were out of there like these clothes had given us super spy powers.  Neither of us could manuever like that in our life.

We arrived back in the ‘C’ cave via the personal assistant named Vera.  Vera told us to deposit the clothes in a bin by the door.

The monitor came on, “Well done agent M and J, and welcome to the Company.  Please deposit Red into the G disc drive before exiting.”  We did as we were told except Kal went back to check the disc in drive G but it was gone.  He opened the other drives and they were gone too. “That’s weird.”

“Ya, ” I yawned and headed for the couch.  The fire was out but lit back up to smoldering coals when the wall closed and the screen came down.  The hockey game was back in play right where we left it. I kissed Kal and went up to bed.  I wonder if I’ll be sore tomorrow.

A fire burning in a fireplace.

(See Depth Life #5)


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2 Responses to Depth Life #6 Den Duties (cont.)

  1. Kristin says:

    That was if today thanks for letting my imagination ring light & joy to a busy stressed day!!!

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