Super Heroes

This year has been a stellar year for theatre-going worthy movies.  Usually budget conscious, we wait until the movies come out on DVD, however we have indulged four times this year.  Our family recently went to see the Avengers.  This is a must see for the family (ages 8 and up).  Clapping and cheering are probable.

When I was a kid, my younger brother and sister and I played our own elaborate version of super heroes.  We had the secret formula of how to turn into a super hero with super powers (which I can not divulge in case destiny calls us).  We used whatever was at hand from rocks to hair brushes for communicators, monitors, aircraft, or weapons.  Our secret hideout was located among a cluster of willows near an open sewer.  Our bikes were every type of super transportation.  We spent hours playing outside saving the world.

I suppose I was always attracted to any kind of super-save-the-universe stuff from Justice League cartoons on Saturday to Star Wars.  I felt like a cosmic gene within me vibrated every cell to pay attention.  Maybe it’s a connection to my belief that I am a daughter of God which means I  do have super powers:  Love, compassion, and forgiveness.  As mortals we often forget our super powers.  I think it’s time to remember and use them.

May the force be with you as you thrive in your super powers.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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2 Responses to Super Heroes

  1. Kristin says:

    To this day while I’m driving along the highway or a dusty road here in Wyoming.. I notice a good patch of willows… & analyze its potential

    • mom says:

      I love to hear what you kids did with all those hours. I was always to busy cleaning, washing cloths, sewing your clothes, taking care of younger sibs and cooking ,I missed out on the good stuff. I love your sense of humor!

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