Dirt Road Daily #4 Free to Play

A child holds the American flag during an Inde...

A child holds the American flag during an Independence Day celebration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Freedom is a basic desire for most humans–especially children.  Children embrace freedom any way they can no matter the circumstance around them.  As a child I remember spending hours playing inside and out all summer long.  My sibs and I invented games and would rather play until after dark if we could.  Actually the skeeters would damper the fun a bit at night.  We worked too.  We knew if we worked hard and got done we could play.  Sometimes we would play while we worked.

rain rain go away

rain rain go away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our busy lives we need to embrace the freedom to play and allow our children plenty of opportunities to invent their own games.  It is difficult for many children to play imaginatively when they have rigid schedules.  Every kid is different.  Some kids need some time off from schedules.

My youngest son who is a pre-teen still likes to enjoy the rain.  When a torrential rain suddenly moved in and doused us the adults ran for cover but this child ran out into the downpour and we all had a blast watching him get soaked.  This reminded me of when the kids were very small we would put on flip-flops or rain boots and go for a walk just to jump in the puddles around our neighborhood.

I’m grateful for the offspring that remind to enjoy the storms in our lives.  May you thrive as you feel the rain on your face.


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One Response to Dirt Road Daily #4 Free to Play

  1. Kristin says:

    Oh.. I can most feel the rain… But the wind has blow it all away!! Hope we get some soon!!! Yes I agree children need to use their imaginations not their gameing-ations… Too much computer games seems to dampen their imaginations

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