Depth Life#7 Undercover Goal

The door had been invisible for months now and in the busyness of summer I almost forgot about it.  The kids were away from home so I spent some much-needed time outside reading a book enjoying the evening.  At dark I went in expecting my husband Kal  in front of the tv watching the Olympics–silence.  I went downstairs and still no sign of him so I checked out the Laundry room to see if by chance . . .  the door was open in the concrete floor.  I went down the dark stairs and opened the door at the bottom after squinting up the other stairs to see if the cottage door was visible.  It was too dark.  Walking into the secret den I could see my husband sprawled out on the coach with the large screen surround sound blaring while he slept.  Various evidence of snackage littered the room.  Men’s swimming . . .should I wake him?

The signal came on the screen and Kal awoke sitting up fast.  The wall opened and in we ran to the computer screen awaiting instructions.  A chip from off a gold medal at the Olympics.  We were to infiltrate the US women’s field hockey team and win the gold.  We got into the car which took us through a completely different city than the one we had seen before.  How this could be I don’t know.  We suited up just as we arrived at the airport to board a plane with a crew in the same kind of black super spy gear we had on.  On the plane to London Kal had to learn to be a coach and I a player.  I’d never played any kind of hockey in my life!  I was to be the goalie.  We both fell asleep and awoke with amazing disguises.  Soon we were whisked away in a sedan to the field.  I’d always wanted to see London.  I couldn’t see much.  Soon we were among the team and I was encased in goalie gear.  Terrified at my lack of athleticism I listened to the spy chief, agent P.  She coached me the whole way.  I was getting incredibly tired and wished I hadn’t eaten the ice cream on the plane.

Keeper of Las Leonas, they are Argentina's nat...

Keeper of Las Leonas, they are Argentina’s national women’s field hockey team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I blocked the ball time after time as if someone else was moving my body.  I was in a zone–not the zone but a zone.  It was the final game against India.  The score was tied and the time was down to eight seconds. I blocked the shot our team was down the field and scored with three minutes left on the clock.  We won.  I couldn’t believe it.  How was I supposed to retrieve a microchip from off of a medal?  After the awards ceremony we were all congratulating each other and I handled each medal saying, “Congratulations!”  On the back of a US team-mate I saw it, the chip the size of a staple and stuck close to her.  I offered to hold hers while she showered and retrieved the chip and got it to Kal.  I returned her medal and she held mine; it was only fair.  Before getting on the bus to go celebrate I switched with the real goalie who was in a bit of a stupor.  I slept on the plane home or wherever our spy garage was and then we were back in the den with Men’s swimming still on; then came the announcement: US women’s field hockey won gold.

English: Gold medal.

English: Gold medal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We both went to bed.  It’s a good thing the Olympics come every four years.  They are exhausting.  I’d like to go back and see London proper some day.


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