Ten ways to Savor Summer


S’more (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

As summer winds down and nurturers prepare for a change it’s important to savor the remnants of summer.

1.  Take several moments throughout each day to breathe deep.  Slow your pace, slow your mind and just breathe.

2.  S’mores.  Yes those delectable treats for the campfire can also be made in the microwave–carefully.  Eating a s’more takes time no matter whether you have a backyard fire pit and you to toast or torch the marshmallow.  Enjoy.

3.  Spend time with your family even if you are just sitting around.  Jump puddles, skip rocks, draw with chalk, make cookies–be together.

4.  Drink in nature around you.  Camping, hiking, backyard sitting, park picnics, neighborhood walks, garden . . .

5.  Sit out at night and enjoy the stars. Star gazing

5.  Listen.  Really listen to the sounds around you: crickets, bird song, cicadas, leaves rustling, children, people, heart beats, breaths.

6.  Sit out and watch the fireflies.  Your never to old to play with fireflies.

7.  Ice cream. So many flavors even if you can’t have dairy. Icecream beauty

8.  Dance.  Dance with someone.  Dance alone.  Dance to music. Dance to memories.

9.  Be still.  Put your phone and other tech stuff away for a day or a few hours and just sit outside or in and be still.  My youngest likes to take time in the morning for thinking.  I don’t know what he thinks about but it seems to contribute to his positive demeanor.

10.  Read a good book instead of watching tv.

May you thrive in the remnants of your summer as you continue your nurturing journey.



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One Response to Ten ways to Savor Summer

  1. Mom says:

    Amen to all of the mentioned activities .Taking time to see the wonder in life makes life more valuable, enjoyable and healthier.

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