Sense of Your Surroundings

20051010 034

20051010 034 (Photo credit: Utter Doul)

This is the perfect time of year to nurture your soul by taking in nature through all your senses.

1.  Sight-Flower blooms, trees in various colors of green and beginning to turn into reds and yellows, the sky from misty blues to grey hues.

2.  Sound-Wind singing among the clinging leaves, laughing in the schoolyard (over the crying we hope), the thump thump of tires on the road as we go hither and yon for sports, etc.

3.  Touch- cool grass, soft breezes through the open window over toes poking out of warm quilts, cold fingers across rain drenched jackets.

4. Taste- Chocolate zucchini bread, apple muffins, rich abundance of vegetables and other harvest foods.

5.  Smell- grass, mums and marigolds, rain and earth (if we are lucky), notebooks and dusty classrooms, smelly sportswear . . .

May all nurturers take the time to thrive through their senses.



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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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2 Responses to Sense of Your Surroundings

  1. Kristin says:

    I Iove the angle of the sun.. It hits everything beautifully,, I also love looking in the garden @ the bright pumpkins peeking out of the massive leaves!!! Harvest is marvelous!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Loved the reminder of the beauty of this change of season. It is a wonder each year and a blessing to be in touch with all of our senses every day of each year.

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