Rinse Right-Oral Healthcare for everyone

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Regardless of age, all nurturers and those they care for need good oral health to maintain a healthy body.  Cavities can stress a parent and child.  Gum disease may be reversible.  Whatever your oral health concerns you can probably find an article or a book for the info you need.  Here are four book reviews that I’ve recently read and found helpful.  Try finding them through your library.

Cover of "Reversing Gum Disease Naturally...

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1.  Reversing Gum Disease Naturally by Sandra Senzon, RDH.  Published by Wiley andSons, Inc., 2203.

Senzon discusses holistic cleaning from a hygenist’s point of view.  Using oreganol (oregano oil) on toothbrush for sensitivity as well as with toothpaste, also herbal sea salt rinse, massage gums when brushing, using baking soda or sea salt in place of toothpaste and using a shimmy brush stroke instead of circles at a 45 degree angle.  She also discusses diet, stress, and spiritual aspects of oral health.  I found it interesting that cucumbers are very good for your gums and that you need to love what you do– put a little love into brushing.

2.  How to save your teeth;toxic-free preventative dentistry by David Kennedy, DDS.  Published by Health Action Press, 1993.

Kennedy asserts that tartar control toothpaste and fluoride actually work against healthy teeth.  Tooth decay and gum issues are a result of bacteria in the mouth.  He promotes getting rid of the bacteria by switching cleansers, using gentle brushes, gentle irrigation and being aware of what you put into your mouth.

Cover of "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body"

Cover of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

3.  Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: The Natural Dental Program for Total Wellness by Victor Zeines.  Published by Kensington Books, 2000.

Zeines discusses the impact of imbalances in the system on oral health.  By strengthening the immune system and using kinesiology (study of muscle and joint movements) oral health improves dramatically.  Drinking water, checking food/water and body for acid/ alkaline imbalance, and decreasing bacteria to halt gum disease and decay.

4.  Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye; A Do-It-Yourself mouth care system for healthy, clean gums and teeth by Ellie Phillips, DDS.  Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2010.

Phillips does not advocate getting rid of your dentist but working with your dentist as a partner in your oral health.  She promotes using about 10g of Xylitol each day in mints, gum, or granules as well as using three different rinses.  Controlling acidity in the mouth is the key to stopping the bacteria from damaging teeth and gums.  If your mouth is slightly alkaline bacteria can not survive or reproduce.

Another book I’ve had recommended to me is Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.  I think the main idea is using Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (the cinnamon is highly recommended).  This product can help prevent and reverse tooth decay, root canal, tooth ache, and who knows what else.  It worked for the Vikings!

May you thrive as you nurture your mouth and the mouths of those you nurture.


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3 Responses to Rinse Right-Oral Healthcare for everyone

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  2. Kristin says:

    Thank you!!! I can’t wait to spend some time on these other resources!!! The rinse sounds awesome!! & I love the oregano oil!!! It’s fantastic for many other uses as well!!!

    • Mom says:

      I appreciate the information.After my experience with biological dentistry I know firsthand how important a healthy mouth is to safeguard our immune system which then takes care our bodies keep the great work

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