My almost two-year-old niece is often offended when others do not do as she wishes.  With pouting lips her deep blues pierce the offender as she points her delicate finger, “You!” she says.

Pointing Finger Is Pointing

Pointing Finger Is Pointing (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

We are all guilty of the toddler notion of blaming our discomforts and frustrations on others.  While we point a finger at the offender, and in my niece’s case a thumb, the rest of our fingers are pointing back at us.

As nurturer’s it is important to take responsibility for our own lives and then teach our children and others we nurture to do the same.  When we continue to blame we teach hopelessness and helplessness.

We are not hopeless nor are we helpless.

Annie has higher health care coverage but instead of blaming the government she’s  pro-active in healthy living and creates a savings account for unexpected costs.

Gas prices are very high but I instead of pointing fingers I can ride my bike, walk, plan errands carefully, and teach offspring the same.

Cost of food up but Tim doesn’t need to fret because he has a year’s supply of basic foods (grains, beans and canned meat) and he plans his expenses to stay in his budget.

If you can not buy the car, house, college education, or ice cream of your dreams blaming the government doesn’t help your situation.  Anger and frustration will not help your situation.  Creating a plan, setting priorities, taking responsibility, and taking action increase your chances of thriving.  You are the solution to your situation, to your community, and to your country.

May you thrive as You take responsibility for your life.


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One Response to “You!”

  1. Mom says:

    I support this truth 100%.. It took me too many years to finally understand my choices and my preception created my reality not other peoples choices inflictiing my life with me being a victim.
    We all need to ACT not be ACTED UPON and take reaponsibility as President John F Kennedy said “Don’t ask what our country can do for you, ask what can I do for our country? As we are nearing the end of the most expensive Presidential campaign in history I am wondering what better good would that money do for our fellowman, the debt that is debated about, progress in putting people back to work and so on. Then I ask myself what am I doing to help with those issues as a citizen of this great country. I will vote and I will continue to give to the poor and needy as much as I possibly can do.and support programs that are for the Good of the people.

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