Personal Agendas

More fall leaves...

More fall leaves… (Photo credit: life is good (pete))

Political candidates local and national who pursue personal agendas lack perspective on the consequences of their actions.

Personal agendas in the work place, in family life, or other relationships are the same way.  Selfishness always has consequences.

How do we perceive a wider picture of an issue or situation? How do we as nurturers encourage selflessness and compassion in our private and public life?

1.  Think before speaking.

2.  Don’t take it personally.  When we take issues personally we are looking at it from a selfish perspective and always with judgement.  When we look beyond ourselves we see an issue with love and are able to focus on the higher good.

3.  Be honest with yourself.  Be honest with others even if others are not honest with you.  Be honest at work, home, and play.

4.  Listen carefully.  Ask yourself whether the issue you are listening to falls on a global scale, universal scale (we are such specks), or an eternal scale.

5.  What would Jesus do?  Everyone has their opinion but I think he chooses peace, love, and the greater good on an eternal scale.

6.  Your experiences are lessons for you to grow.  In that light you can let go of fears that you implode if you vote for . . .  or you will lose everything if your boss knows . . . or if you tell your spouse you spent . . .

7.  We must constantly remind ourselves that we are all in this life together.  We don’t have to believe the same or eat the same or drive the same.

8.  Deep Breaths.  Love is deeper than selfishness.  Fill yourself with love daily.

9.  If you think this is a bunch of hootenanny garbage, please keep it to yourself.

10.  Thoughts and words are powerful.  They can bring pain or peace.

May you thrive in peace as you develop eternal selfless agendas.


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One Response to Personal Agendas

  1. Mom says:

    Good Job to tell is like it really is!

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