Vexed Voter?

English: Electoral college map for the 1848 Un...

English: Electoral college map for the 1848 United States presidential election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still undecided about who to vote for tomorrow?  Your not alone.  As nurturers we want to vote for those who allow us to continue nurturing freely and create a positive environment for growth.  We don’t just want to survive; we want to thrive.  It would be easy to feel very endangered during the constant calls, mail (at least the postal service is getting a boost in their economy), tv ads and news that isn’t so impartial.  As nurturers we don’t know who we can trust or who is telling the most truths.

I thought I might try going on gut instinct this year but the guts are not instinctual at the moment so that’s out.  My heart is conflicted so I can’t go by that.  I’m not receiving spiritual promptings or cosmic energy guidance so that leaves my intellect.

Brain Art

Brain Art (Photo credit: Ars Electronica)

The presidential vote isn’t the only one this year.  We have senators and congresspersons-state and US-to vote for as well as local leaders, judges, college and university boards, library boards, school district board members,  and proposals.  Voting for a school board member, state representative, or local millage proposals directly impact your quality of life.

I googled local ballot information and found several sites that directed me to brief accounts of various candidates.  The League of Women Voters gives you a place to start informing yourself.  Checking out each candidate’s website helps a bit if you want a résumé.

The electoral college votes for the president, we the people vote for the rest–especially those who work in the House and Senate.

Maybe you’re thinking you’ll just stay home or you’re too busy at work to go to the polls.  Maybe you feel your vote doesn’t count.  Maybe you plan to mark your ballot like you did your ACT’s by just filling in dots without looking and hoping for the best.  Remember: what you put out into the universe comes back to you many fold.  If you put hope and positive energy into your vote . . .

May you thrive as you put forth your best energy at the polls tomorrow.

Other sites: (Click on Vote Easy for a fun game of which candidates match your beliefs.)


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