Dirt Road Daily #5: Dream Home Dreams

English: Sears Catalog Homes, model 115, 1908-...

English: Sears Catalog Homes, model 115, 1908-1914. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a child living in the country my siblings and I would build little mud houses.  We would use our crayons to design each room and what would be in it via the Sears or Penny’s catalog.  When my husband and I were first married we looked at house plan books dreaming about the kind of house we wanted.  We talked about colors and furniture styles and locations. Reality check came in the form of a budget and suburban cookie cutter near husband’s work location.

I always thought someday we would eventually build our dream home.  My mate thought we would find one already done.  He’s a city boy; I’m a country girl and together we compromised.  When my husband was transferred 15 years ago we were only supposed to be in our current location for two years.  I was sick and pregnant and couldn’t travel so he picked the house out.  The market in the area at the time moved houses in 0-6 days so he had to make the offer.  Besides it was just temporary.

15 years later, two additions, and another renovation we are still here.  We stayed for many reasons: money, my husband’s job was close by, our shy child had friends we couldn’t rip him away from, and we kept telling ourselves it’s just temporary.  Our children have grown up in security and love within the walls of our home.  Now I could tell you all the building’s faults and discomforts but what good would that do.  I’m constantly trying to find ways to improve upon our dwelling much like many people I knew growing up who lived in trailers and old houses.  I never knew if someone’s home dreams were dashed, I was a kid and saw only the good in those who cherished whatever home they had small or big, old or new.

I was especially impressed by those who made creative additions and accommodations like the family of ten that had a tiny bathroom, the drain in the floor of the room and a curtain to keep water from splashing the toilet–I remember it being smaller than a tiny closet but they made it work and I never heard complaints.  Maybe there were some complaints but I never heard them.  Many families made creative bunk bed situations for multiple kids in a room or for very tiny rooms.  Besides when you live in the country with large spaces the whole outdoors is living space with room to spare.

In the suburbs many of our neighbors have camp trailers and go to the country when ever they can.  Some even have a cottage in addition to their little house–our neighborhoods are older and the houses smaller.  You can tell a man who never cooked or took care of kids designed these rat mazes.  However, most people, ourselves included, have knocked down walls, added rooms and landscaped so that almost every house is different.

I guess what I’ve learned over the years is that dreams change.  Colors and decor only go so far but for me it’s how much of my heart I put into the place and I think I’ve given this abode 100% and then some.  My new thriving dream is for our family to grow, to love, to be secure and protected and this little house has done that even if I have to put dishes on the floor once in a while when I cook.  We all have our own little space to recharge and so the house is truly, as Goldilocks might say, “Juuuuust riiigght.”  I’m grateful for this home and all it has given us.

May you thrive in your dream home dreams.


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