When It Is Ok to Disobey

English: Bowling alley at Funspot

English: Bowling alley at Funspot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently offspring #2 got left at the bowling alley when her gym class boarded a bus and took off without taking roll while she was in the restroom.  She called me and I dropped my life and sped off to the rescue;  she didn’t want to be too late for the next period.  I of course had a discussion with the principal who was already on top of the situation.

I explained that my daughter could not wait to go to the restroom and I would rather she be healthy.  She had told some classmates who did relay that message to the teacher.  The teacher was furious.  She said she had told them they could all wait until they got back to the school.  I understand the pressure she’s under to  keep with the exact time, however a child’s health and safety should never be compromised.

My daughter knows she needs to make sure the teacher knows directly, eye to eye contact, and even if she is told she can not go we have told our children this is the exception to obeying those in authority.  Our children have permission to disobey if they must throw up, use the bathroom or protect themselves. I bear no grudge against the teacher but it brings to mind something I wrote a year ago.  I hope you don’t mind the recycle: No Time to Tinkle.

May you thrive in all your nurturing and consider saying a prayer for or sending out positive thoughts about our nations teachers who we value so much.


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