Shopping for Stockings in America

146/365 six in a row

146/365 six in a row (Photo credit: dbtelford)

While shopping for stocking stuffers this season it seems that every label on products I’m looking for are made outside our country.  Although we support the economy by shopping at retailers and online we don’t know how much of that dollar is going back into the economy.

5 ways to shop smarter–stockings and all

1.  Shop your local downtown retailers.  You may spend a little more now but less in the long run because local businesses support schools, roads, and other public works through their taxes and their personal sponsorship of local youth sports teams and other projects.  Shop your downtown to build a stronger local economy.

2.  Finding Made in America is difficult but not  impossible.  Socks make especially great stocking stuffers.  See these websites for some help.  Some of these items are carried at local retailers as well. (search for Made in America)–they have socks to can openers and more.,,

3.  Food gifts–check the labels. Produce grown in the US or homemade goodies (even if you bought them at the bakery) are great gifts.

4.  Volunteer–You don’t have to commit to hours in December only.  You could commit to volunteer at a local school, youth groups, community projects, local service organizations, or church.  Quality over quantity.  If it’s a cause your loved one is passionate about leave a little card in their stocking with your commitment to serve.

5. Events–give gift tickets or take family to school plays, concerts, sporting events as well as larger venue entertainments.

May you thrive as you fill your loved ones’ stockings with a piece of the American dream and a bit of prosperity for yourself.


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