Book Review: Small Change


09.12.12 (Photo credit: colemama)

I just read a very inspirational book for my book club.  It’s short and sweet.  Small Change, The Secret Life of Penny Burford by J. Belinda Yandell is a tale of a housewife who decides to save some of her husbands cast away change.  After many years she sets up her own bank account and begins to do a few things for herself that she knows she can’t explain to her husband so she keeps them secret.  When she dies suddenly her husband discovers who his wife really is and that despite having a whole secret life from him, she has done so much to love and honor him in the most quiet and Christlike ways.

I think I need to start saving change.  I used to do this when I was a kid but when my husband and I were newly married we needed every bit of change we could get.  The key is finding a good storage place and then making bank deposits about every five years.

Penny Burford used to say, “It’s what you do with it that counts.”  The it can be small change, energy, ideas, love, or your talents.

May you thrive during this season and make it count.



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