Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

These highly valued treasures in the ancient world were common gifts for a king or as offerings to gods.  They each have a great deal of symbolism and useful purposes in healing.  I recently tried to find frankincense and myrrh to buy and they are really expensive.  The great value of these gifts were due to their rarity and difficulty in procurement.  Gold was usually mined while frankincense and myrrh were taken from tree sap or resin that only grows in arid regions with morning mist as water.  These trees often grew on hillside and rocky areas and thus it was often dangerous and tedious to acquire the resin.

These treasures have many symbolic meanings.

Hoard of ancient gold coins

Hoard of ancient gold coins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gold-balance/justice, symbol of immortality, divine nature and thus many cultures had sun deities; symbolic of the sun, power, strength, vitality, clarity, wisdom and aging, vitality, life, health, radiance, wealth, flexibility, the human quest to perfect, illuminate, and refine; virtue and light; symbolic of alchemy’s desire to change common metals into gold as humanity changes from greed, hate, and selfishness into love, virtue, and compassion; symbolic of the soul’s transition from base or earthly to celestial.

Frankincense tree

Frankincense tree (Photo credit: Brangdon J)

Frankincense-a high priest would use in worship as incense, the smoke taking the prayers and souls to heaven; also known as luban or oil of Lebanon, this rare treasure was thought to awaken consciousness,enhance spirituality, meditation, and prayer.

Foliage of myrrh (Commiphora sp.)

Foliage of myrrh (Commiphora sp.) (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)

Myrrh-first and last, Alef and Tov, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end; for the dying and dead, used to embalm or anoint a dead body for burial; bitter aspects of life including death due to its bitter taste.

Each of these treasures has significant healing properties.

Gold-reducing inflammation and slowing diseases such as arthritis.

Frankincense-anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal; known in ancient medicine from China to India and throughout the Middle East; insect/mosquito repellent; the bark was used to attract fish into nets.

Myrrh-also known from ancient medical texts of Egypt 2,800 BC; Associated with St. Nicholas, 4th century AD, who used it to heal people; anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory; good for oral health including gum disease and bad breath; ulcers, colitis, clearing sinus congestion, also yeast infections and eczema.

(Before using these you should consult a health care practitioner.  Learn the side effects of each of these before use.)  Extensive studies have been done with these ingredients and they have been proven effective for many of the items above.

These kingly gifts were well used by the King of Kings, highest of high priests, and the master physician.

May the reason for the season be one of love, peace and healing for each of you.  Merry Christmas!


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  4. Mom says:

    Very informative thank you.. Frankincense is an oil I have used for the my own healing experience this past year.

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