Semi- Hibernation Awesomeness 2013 #1

English: Black Bear mother and cubs in den,, h...

English: Black Bear mother and cubs in den,, hibernating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chocolate chaos is over and now it is time to immerse ourselves into the natural state of semi-hibernation awesomeness.

This is the time of year to slow down which is an extreme challenge when every television and radio station tries to convince us to start something new and increase the intensity of our activities against our natures.  It is much more efficient to begin new exercise regimes in April or September when your mind and body are geared towards the intensity and has the energy to do so .  If you live in a winter climate that is warm and sunny then you might not have to semi-hibernate that much and can start that New Year’s resolution to lose the pounds by intense workouts and diet alterations.  Most of us in the northern United States need a slow down.  We need to semi-hibernate.  Now I’m not saying in our semi-hibernation state we shouldn’t exercise, on the contrary, we should continue to exercise but modify to fit semi-hibernation needs.

Five ways to modify exercise to fit Semi-Hibernation:

1.  Cut time down to 20-30 minutes per day.  This can be broken into 10-15 minute segments throughout the day.

2.  Find what physical activities connect you to your best self.  Some runners prefer to do treadmill in the cold weather while others enjoy running in the cold.  Make sure you have all the right equipment.  I do yoga 2-3 days, ballet 1-2 days and walking or biking whenever I can fit it in.

3.  Music and Sound are an important part of your exercise time.  Music should connect you to your strength and uplift your spirit.  When I walk outside I listen to the natural sounds of birds, wind, kids playing on a nearby playground, as well as my breathing and feet crunching.  Taking music on my walks tends to irritate  and distract rather than uplift and connect.  On the other hand my indoor activities are greatly enhanced by music.

4.  Find something fun and active you can do at least once a week like skiing, bowling, or sledding with the kids.  Active family time gives everyone a boost in energy and emotional connection with each other.

5.  Change the time of day you exercise.  If you usually work out at 5 am but find you are sleeping till 6, maybe it’s time to work out at lunchtime or in the evening.  If you work out at home maybe you need a class or gym time or vice versa.  If I break up a work out, some late morning or noonish and the rest later in the day, then I feel less stressed and more energized by my work outs.

May you thrive in your Semi-Hibernation Awesomeness!


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